Untamed by Glennon Doyle

I have lived every word of this book; every page of this journey. But somehow, instead of feeling like oh I already know this stuff, I found myself savoring every word of Untamed. Doyle’s articulation of the process of shedding expectations is sheer joy. Her ability to centrifuge truth down to its essence and to turn a mind-bending phrase is so satisfying–it’s like getting the water temperature and pressure exactly right at the same time. Scoured, clean, and with only slight abrasions.

From page 122: Maybe Eve was never meant to be our warning. Maybe she was meant to be our model. Own your wanting. Eat the apple. Let it burn.

Amen, sister. Amen.


Order Untamed by Glennon Doyle here.  Do it.

Order The Uncomfortable Confessions of a Preacher’s Kid by Ronna Russell here. Yes, please.

Read that post I did about Abby Wambach’s Wolf Pack a long time ago here. FAN.

Wolf Pack

On May 16th, Abby Wambach, US soccer superstar, gave an inspiring commencement address to the women of Barnard College, encouraging them, and women everywhere, to grasp this moment in time.  We have the opportunity to reshape our world, to grab power and create the society we want for ourselves and our children.  We can and we must provide balance to public discourse.  We can stand up and say, “Give me the effing ball!” as Abby so eloquently put it.

The whole speech runs about 25 minutes and is worth every second of your time, I promise!  If you can’t spare 25 minutes, at least please give her until minute 10 to make you cry and cheer.

Abby Wambach at Barnard College 2018

If you have no time at all, I have condensed the message for you:

Most of us were taught to keep our head down, clutch our basket to our breast and keep our mouths shut.  Guess what.


The amazing story she tells of the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park comes from this, also worth watching:

The Reintroduction of Wolves in Yellowstone National Park