In my head there is a Venn diagram of rapture cultists/biblical literalists, assault rifle packers/MAGA hat wearers, and the transnational crime syndicate of billionaires. They all come together to support Donald Trump. (FYI, he’s part of the transnational crime syndicate.)

Here’s what they all have in common, the reason they all belong to the celebrity cult of DJT: they do not care about anyone but themselves.

Let’s start with the angry, white deplorables in red hats, toting assault rifles and flags because they can’t handle being mildly inconvenienced, even to protect other people from being killed by a virus they might be carrying. They seem to be itching for a fight to protect their status as white supremacists. White, domestic terrorists are the number threat to the United States. I’m willing to bet most of these folks identify as Christian. I am also willing to bet none of them are billionaires. They are easy to discount because they seem so over-the-top ridiculous but if Trump wants chaos in the streets, they’ll provide.

Rapture cultists make up the hardcore evangelical base that supports Trump. Life on earth is temporary, we are all just killing time until Jesus whisks the righteous away. Important to note: righteousness is determined by beliefs, not by compassion. So they do not have to care about climate change, babies in cages, justice inequality, LGBTQ folks, higher education, or healthcare. This life being temporary means they do not care if they die (they will see Jesus sooner!). If they do not value their own life here on planet earth, why in the world would they care about yours?

Ok, the transnational crime syndicate billionaires. Billionaires protect themselves and each other; their allegiance is to money. Their network is global, not national. Citizenry is for providing labor and taxes; people are expendable. They support Trump because he is one of them. Over the past ten years, the power and influence of the mafia has grown exponentially (mostly the Russian mob). Governments are infiltrated and owned. Elections are rigged, treasuries are looted, including our own.  Our very own dear leader is in deep with some very bad people. He is, in fact, a very bad person. A criminal. All of this information is publicly available, so I’ll post links to information below, as this research has already been done and published by higher minds than mine.

Here’s where it all comes together-Trump (or whoever directs him) has stacked his administration with billionaire loyalists willing to sell out the United States for cash (Mnuchin), rapture cultists willing to bend the law to accommodate their beliefs (Barr/Pompeo/Pence), and white supremacists (Miller). NO ONE in this administration gives a shit about you. They are not here to govern, but to line their own pockets. Their wealth is increasing as we die. Trump’s own fatalistic personal philosophy is a lot like rapture cultists’. When asked how he handles stress during a 2004 interview with Larry King on CNN, Trump said (Kendzior, 2019):

I try and tell myself it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. If you tell yourself it doesn’t matter-like you do shows, you do this, you do that, and then you have earthquakes in India where 400,000 people get killed. Honestly, it doesn’t matter.



*follow the links in the text-they lead to articles that back up my claims. It’s a web.

Robert Mueller warns of globalized crime in 2011 speech.

Required Reading: Hiding in Plain Sight by Sarah Kendzior

Australia bans Trump for mob affiliations.

$21T looted from U.S. Treasury (that’s $65K each!)

Russia infiltrates U.S. Treasury in 2015

Ok, enough. There’s a lot more but you have Google.