The Savage Price Of Piety

One of the great things about having adult children is when they share the music they listen to or the books they read or the things that make ’em happy. They grow up good if you don’t kill ’em. Which brings me to the song of the day: Poor Isaac by The Airborne Toxic Event.

See, it all started with Spotify and a shared playlist. Poor Isaac was on it and my son wasn’t sure if I would like it because it’s kinda rock and roll and I am not so much. But its a freaking amazing song and got me thinking about the story of Abraham and Isaac, the highlights of which I remember from Sunday school.

God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, as a test of faith or loyalty or whatevs. Sacrifice as in stab to death. Murder. And here’s the kicker-Abraham agreed to do it. Can you even imagine? I found this so shocking as a young child that I asked one of my parents if they would kill me if God said to, hoping they would say of course not. Instead, they explained that since Jesus died on the cross, sacrifices were no longer required. Not sheep or goats or children. God would never ask them to sacrifice me, so no worries. I could be thankful to Jesus for that lucky escape. Obviously, the penalties for murdering your child because a voice in your head tells you to are more severe now than they were back in ol’ Abraham’s day, but I didn’t know that.

Just when I think I’ve turned over all the stones… anyway, it’s a great song and I hope you will give it a listen. Also, if your kids have made it to adulthood like mine have, track them down and hug them tight, one more time.
rock band - copy

Once more:

Poor Isaac

3 thoughts on “The Savage Price Of Piety

  1. I enjoyed the song! Yeah, I can’t recall one sermon on this passage that considered the story from poor Isaac’s point of view! I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to live in Palestine 5000 years ago. I’m thinking everyone was on the bottom rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Tribal existence was necessary for survival. Most of your time is spent finding shelter, food and clothing, like it’s your job. I’m sure there were no fingernail clippers, and we won’t even talk about the toilet paper situation… I think we as a people today forget that humans went through The Enlightenment only about 300 years ago. Abraham (assuming he was real) thought that the sun moved around the earth, and probably never debated whether the earth was flat or round. He never got that far. In the centuries that followed, it was this rich lunatics heirs who propagated the story. Sorry to be a cynic, but do you think they all had something to gain? Oy-vey!

    Oh, my dad wasn’t religious, but he did threaten to throw me in the furnace when I was about seven. I could never figure out where he could fit me in it!


    1. The furnace? Yikes. I’m glad you enjoyed the song-I think it’s just great. All of the images I found of A&I showed Isaac just laying there docile and accepting. Or helping build his own funeral pyre. So weird.


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