Song Of the Day

What song haunts you?

What song sums up your life?

What tunes runs through your head on an endless loop and will not be forgotten?

River of Dreams by Billy Joel is the one for me. Today, anyway.

What’s on your mind today?

6 thoughts on “Song Of the Day

  1. All the songs haunt me. I’m a choral singer, and I often memorize pieces that I’m doing. Back when I was religious, I was a song leader for youth group, and I memorized those songs too. And of course there were the awful Sunday School songs, on top. I have an enormous reservoir of music stored in my head. And a song will pop out at me for unknown reasons, and refuse to go away. Often it’s an old dumb religious song, so I can’t use the strategy of getting rid of it by singing it to somebody else until it’s stuck in their head. Or it’s the Alto part to something that nobody else around me knows, so It would sound completely silly to just sing out loud.

    Right now what’s supposed to be in my head is the Haydn Lord Nelson Mass and the Schubert Magnificat. But what keeps showing up instead is the “Deposuit” movement of the Pergolesi Magnificat, and I haven’t performed that piece for more than 30 years. But there it is, lodged permanently in my brain, and won’t leave. I may have to resort to Show Tunes.

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    1. Wow. You are a living musical library! I find Rockin’ Down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers will vanquish most annoying tunes. Are you still singing back-up for Barry?


      1. You remember that? Wow! My chorus hasn’t gotten the invite to sing that show for the last several years. The chorus that officially has the gig at the Capital has changed how they fill their empty slots, and they don’t ask us any more. Which is OK by me, I’d have a hard time getting up there on camera and singing “Yay America!” in the current political climate. (I still have the backup for “Let Freedom Ring” in my head, though)

        I have three surefire earworm killers, that work because they are the worst earworms, and they can displace pretty much anything else. There’s the (annoying Disney Ride Song that shall not be named), the (Disney parade music that also shall not be named), and Still Alive/i> from Portal.

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  2. I love me some Billy Joel! And that’s a great song that I rarely mind having stuck in my head! I remember being disappointed when I learned he was an atheist. Now I’m glad to share the same worldview.

    In my former believer years, some of Keith Green’s songs used to haunt me. Now they are meaningless. One of my favorite Christian albums in the past was Bryan Duncan’s Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend. I still enjoy the music and Bryan’s vocals in that album. His song “We All Need” is rather haunting. It’s interesting to hear the dichotomy in the lyrics, even though it’s religious.

    I wish I had a song that I could say summed up my life. I’m still searching. Two Eagles’ songs that haunt me (because of their impact on me during two of the most difficult periods in my life) are “Wasted Time” and “New York Minute”.

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    1. Isn’t it interesting how music places us in time? I’m fascinated by the messages music tells our brains and how it all sticks together, even years later. I still love Andrae Crouch.


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